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We will take the photos with great professionalism and eternalize this incredibly special moment with high resolution pictures.

You will have a complimentary photo session with the best photographers in Maui

How it works

We take the best photos no matter what, so you will be thoroughly satisfied with the extraordinary results and will not resist acquiring them.

Maui Moments always seeks to capture the best angles and help you in choosing incredible spots and the right hour of the day so you and your family can have photos full of life, color and happiness.

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We have listed the benefits you will have when choosing our services:

Physical memories of special moments with all your family

You can pass the photos on to future generations of your family

You will have at hands precious memories of your beautiful baby

All your family will be able to relive the best moments you had together


Maui Moments Photography have been eternalizing incredible moments of hundreds of families in Hawaii for more than 6 years; we invest to improve our services every year in order to provide you with perfectly executed photo sessions.

Our mission is to make your dream of registering every moment come true: we are flexible with schedules, you just need to tell us your dreams and ideas, and Maui Moments Photography will work hard to deliver to you.

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